Wednesday, March 7, 2018

HOPE 2018!

Hello to all readers of the HOPE blog! As of early 2018, this blog is up and running again. Thank you to all viewers who are interested in the HOPE classroom and the cool things we do! 

This year's posts will include exclusive information on finished, current and future projects, as well as many photos of students working hard on tasks we take on in the HOPE classroom.

Mr. DesLauriers and Mr. Hoben just recently offered job applications to 4th-8th graders that are interested in working with them! Anyone above 4th grade could apply for an internship that would include things such as blueprint/design planning, usage of handheld and power tools, woodworking/engineering and much more! After all, HOPE stands for Hands On Practical Education.

One of the most recent projects we've worked on is a multi-wood cutting board. Lots of adults and visitors of HOPE have expressed their interest in the products we make, specifically the cutting boards. The wood in these boards include maple, cherry, black walnut and ash, which all have a good contrast in color. Here is an image of a sample from our cutting boards.

We are hoping this year we can make a good amount of these and sell them with special engravings that cater to the buyer.

We've also just recently finished building a maple sugaring sled, which holds buckets of sap through the woods as we're tapping trees. We installed both tires and skis on the bottom of the sled so it can function outdoors all four seasons (through snow, mud, grass, leaves, etc). After February break, we are hoping to use this product we've made by getting outside and tapping tons of trees.

Another project we are working on is a new sign for the entrance of our school's road. The sign currently outside is weathered and old. The new one we've created shows off our new district system (MRUSD/Maple Run Unified School District) and is made with cedar wood.

The members of HOPE just recently visited an MRUSD school board meeting here at City School, where we presented examples of our newest projects and what we hope to achieve in the future. The members of the school board (and visitors) were super interested in our program, and had many ideas and encouragements to turn this into a full-time business.

With the help of our Project Manager, a new intern at HOPE, we can produce more products to put up for sale and possibly provide buyers specific products that they request. The financial part of this business is definitely one of the most hard, yet important, part of HOPE.

The more supporters we come across, the more encouragement and motivation we have to let this business take off into something more than just a program within the school. We really want to branch out to a variety of places and people, overall the St. Albans community.

Any questions or curiosity can be commented on this blog or brought to Dan DesLauriers at this email address:

Thank you for reading! This blog will have much more content soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Apples are picked and ready to become cider!

Make sure to thank your apple pickers when you get a taste of the cider on Tuesday (10/17) or Wednesday (10/18).  Please check this blog again on Tuesday for a class sign up sheet to help cider.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Drop Day is Coming!

We will be traveling to Shelburne Orchards for Drop Day on October 13 to gather enough apples to fill a truck and then make cider for the entire school.  Stay tuned for details!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017 - 2018 School Year Begins

Summer vacation is officially over.  Mr. Hoben and Mr. DesLauriers have been working hard cleaning and preparing the HOPE classroom for the school year.  This included a fresh coat of paint on the floor.  Check it out.

More updates coming.  Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring is here!

Dylan and Michael getting a shelf from storage

A group of students completed a new buddy bench to use outside of our classroom.  The bench is being constructed utilizing reclaimed shelving which was in storage.


Dylan with the finished bench